Every year, our tailor makes a trip to Europe visiting our clients and taking measurements. This year was no different. Our itinerary was packed spanning from London to Dusseldorf to Zurich.

Monday, 3rd Nov 2014

Departed from Suvarnabhumi International Airport via Thai Airways to London Heathrow Airport.

Once we arrived in London, we took the train from London to Birmingham and made our way to Solihull where we had a meeting at 2pm with a potential client. After the meeting, a client picked us up at New street station and we headed to his house where we were joined by a group of 5 – 6 people for a tupper wear party. Meet some very interesting people and had ale before we headed back to our hotel.

Tuesday, 4th Nov 2014

We started our day early at 7 AM as we had a 10am meeting at Ludgate Court Birmingham.  Met up 4 – 5 regular clients there. After that, we headed to our next meeting at the famous Colmore Row Birmingham at 2pm. Met with a executive named James Ackrill and had tea while taking his measurements. After that we were off to meet with an old friend of ours just a few blocks away where he introduced us to a couple of big executives there.  Finished meeting at 7pm and it was time to call it a day as we headed back to our hotel.

Wednesday, 5th  Nov 2014

9am meeting at Stafford. We were looking forward to this as we’ve never been to Stafford, but heard so much about it. Took the early Cross Country Train from New Street station to Stafford. Met up with a few new and interesting clients. They were very friendly and outgoing. Took measurements and ended the session 2pm. After which we headed straight to meet an old client at the Fordrough. Took the train to Whitlocks End in Birmingham. Ended the meeting at 6pm. We were exhausted by that time, but never failed to have a pint before heading back to our hotel.

Thursday, 6th  Nov 2014

Started our Tuesday early in the morning at the usual Bishopsgate. Met our usual client, director of Lloyds Banking for measurement. We ended the session at noon and decided to take a stroll on Bond Street and the famous Saville Row. Stopped at Louis Vuitton Store at Bond Street for some shopping before heading straight to London St. Pancras to catch the 15:00 PM train to Brussels.

We arrived Brussels at 4:45pm and took the direct IC train to Antwerpen Central. What a beautiful city!














Friday, 7th Nov 2014

Had early meeting at usual office at 10AM after which we went to buy some famous chocolates at Leonidas. Ended our day with an awesome dinner and beers at House of Beers near the central station.

Saturday, 8th Nov 2014

Sadly we only had time for a day in Antwerp as we needed to head off to Dusseldorf. Trains were on strike in Germany that day, so we had to take a bus instead. Was our first time taking the DB bus which was surprisingly comfortable. We arrived Dusseldorf a couple of hours later and headed straight to the Mercure City Centre Hotel.  Had the famous curry wurst together with a group of old clients at the hotel. We ended the day around 6pm and headed for dinner at the hotel restaurant and had the famous Alt beer.
























Sunday, 9th Nov 2014

Took a 6 hour Euro City train ride direct from Dusseldorf to Zurich Main station. Arrived at 5pm and headed to our usual Walhalla Hotel Zurich. Had meeting at 6pm with a couple of new clients and ended our session at 8pm. We met up with our good friends Stephan Rudin and Tilman Schultz and went for dinner and beers at a local Zurich pub and restaurant. Had the traditional Swiss Cordon Bleu and downed it with some fine Dunkel beers.

Monday, 10th Nov 2014

Early meeting at the famous Swiss Private Bank Julius Baer. Met around 20 new clients. Measurement session took the entire day.







































Tuesday, 11th Nov 2014

Early meeting at Saxo Bank in Zollikon. Met with some old clients and took measurements till 3pm. After which we had to head back to Julius Baer as more there were more clients to measure. We ended our day with dinner in a fine Italian Restaurant at the famous Bahnhofstrasse Zurich.














Wednesday, 12th Nov 2014

Took the comfortable RC train from Zurich and headed straight to Gorgeous Innsbruck.  Checked in at the Hilton and stayed at the Panorama City view room. Had several clients meet us at the hotel for measurements. Finished the session at 7pm. Met up with friends and clients and headed to a pub/restaurant to have dinner and drinks. Great fun and Great Weizen beer. We also had Schnapps along with beers!


Innsbruck Selection













Thursday, 13th Nov 2014

The end of our Europe Trip. Caught the early 6am train to Zurich Airport and waited at the lounge to board the Thai Airways back to Bangkok. Great Trip overall. Next time Skiing is on the list!


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